A Way Out

Exodus comes from the Greek word “ἔξοδος” meaning “a way out” or “departure”. While most Christians understand the story behind the Exodus from Egypt and the ensuing presentation of the ten commandments, do we all think of the word “Exodus” much? See, we are promised a couple of things in the Bible and going off last week’s post, we are promised hardship. We are promised pain and suffering and trials. Being a child of God doesn’t change that we are imperfect beings living within a perfect system.

That being said, God has promised us something else. A way out.

Remember we talked about all this last week? I’ve been through so many things in the my life that I thought I couldn’t bare it any longer. God delivers on His promises though. He gives a way out, just like any good father will. As long as we look to God, any temptation, any trial, and any stress will be delivered a way out. This requires us to give things to God to take care of, and us to step back and allow him to. We can only make things worse, and the more we try without our Father, the more it will be made worse, because once again, we are imperfect beings.

People have been astounded on how I’m still holding everything up. The secret is, I’m not. The one greater than I is, and I’m thankful for that. He’s given me a way out, and I can finally see the end of the tunnel. “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life”

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