Current Events | A Divine Direction

I sit here to write this and I firmly grasp the world has been thrown into turmoil. I know that we are in a different place than we were even a year ago, and while concerning to see how the world is moving at record breaking pace, we now know we cannot trust in man. As I explained in No Terrestrial Help, we cannot continue to look to religious leaders to provide anything. We have been entrusted by God to follow His word and His Spirit. While the Church at large is biblical, it has largely failed and the body of believers have chosen to follow men, men which we are told are fallible (Romans 3:23), liars (Num 23:19) and deceivers in their religious pomp (Jn 8:44).

Due to these world events, we have seen men falter in allowing churches to close, forbidding their people to meet and continued compliance under the law. Who then should we turn to? Should we wait for a new leader, I would be aghast at such a suggestion. Our king is in Heaven and He is the one that should be followed. He gave us His word with 3/4 of a million words in it to provide direction and discernment in all faucets of life. He used human authors to provide a comprehensive narrative with history, logic, reasoning and expository teaching to deal with all affairs of men. We know this, that we are victors at the cross. We are victors and conquerors over sin, over death, over men and we have been made free (1 Cor 15:57). Our leader, if we are to truly walk the walk and believe in our speech, is alive and sits on the right hand of God himself.

We have seen our leaders fail at this however, we have seen pastors bend the knee to governments willingly, and we have seen our speakers reject the power of the cross. I will give one example, a pastor of a methodist church in South Africa but a banner out in front of the church. I will caveat this by saying that it is extremely liberal in it’s teachings; however, there is something inexcusable about what was put in front of the church. The banner reads “The Blood of Jesus will not save you from COVID. Get Vaccinated.”


Are you actually a Christian if you believe that? It’s cool if you’re pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine, there are arguments against both and I told you all I will not get into that mess or argument, BUT this “pastor” is saying that CHRIST does not have the power to HEAL YOU. God, the creator of this earth and reality, the one that knew who you would be in your mother’s womb (Jer 1:5), the one that knows all your comings and goings, is not capable of healing the body He made for you? What’s the point of being a Christian if you don’t actually believe that Christ is God, that He sits on the right hand of the Father, and all things were created through Him. (Jn 1:3) We have a pandemic among Christians where they like going to church and following “good” teachings, but they don’t actually believe the gospel.

Unfortunately, some of these Christians have infiltrated the ministry and led many astray, and now many are waking up with conviction that these men don’t speak for them or God. This is why I say the Church at-large has failed, because for a majority of Christendom they simply try to “do good” instead of submitting themselves to the only One that is good. If the church was successful, the WORLD would be under the grace of our Father in Heaven.

Let me encourage you all in the conclusion. We have been given something greater than a man, Christ told us that we have been given a “Great Comforter” (Jn 14:16) or Helper after He left. This comforter is the herald of the Godhead, He has the same authority and substance of God and therefore speaks the same words as God. He is coequal with God and He moves us to do that which God wills. Man has failed us, but because of the divine direction given to us, we know where to go. Thankfully, our God makes no mistakes.

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