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Ok, So I guess I wasn’t planning on making this a series, but I will anyway. This will fall under current events OR apologetics. The reasoning here is that these essays will not only tell you how to face the current environment but also the world at large and the times to come. If you recall the past three posts have been No Earthly Mandate, No Terrestrial Help, No Mortal Argument. Now the next three will be answers to each of those. 

No Earthly Mandate focused on the fact that nothing in this world is mandated as absolute by governments or the natural order IF that mandate goes against what our King says. See, we as Christians have come to the impetus that we “worship” and act like we only have a “belief system”. As I’ve explained elsewhere, Christianity is tangible, it is real, and we are under a different order than the rest of the world. The apostle Paul tried to get this through to the churches in his epistles and the book of Hebrews tells us that “we receive a kingdom which cannot be shaken.”(Heb 12:28, ESV) Likewise, Jesus tells us in the Gospel of John, “My kingdom is not of this world. If my kingdom were of this world, my servants would have been fighting, that I might not be delivered over to the Jews. But my kingdom is not from the world.”(Jn 18:36, ESV) So, if we are servants to the living God, and since we believe Christ was raised from the dead, indeed we have a living king. 

Modern Christianity, especially in the West has forgotten this. We go to church to make us “feel good” or have  “spiritual wellbeing”, not to worship our King as all kings are due, nor to commune with fellow foreigners from a more grandiose kingdom. Christianity is solely about the hope and the unseen, it is not without experiential knowledge pertaining to the works of our king nor is it about not hearing about our king and His mandates in our life. Just because we cannot see our King, we know He is there. He has given us and blessed us with so many things, and if we come to Him in prayer asking for things with a clean heart, he’ll be more than happy to deliver on His many promises. 

I think Christianity has hit an identity crisis over this pandemic and the consolidation of power that is happening because of it. We are forced into doing things, earthly things that are required to survive yet we have issues with it. We were called to freedom through Christ (Gal 5:13) and through that freedom we are not bound by the law in a traditional sense, but we must make the choice to follow it out of love or defy it out of love. If we follow it out of love, it is out of love for our fellow man, our neighbor. If we defy the law it had better be out of fear, respect, and love of God OVER man. 

But see, this is where the church has failed at large. “Christians” don’t know or don’t understand these things, they don’t understand salvation and they don’t understand that God himself is the one we need to submit to. I’ve already made it clear that Christianity is tangible, it’s not spiritual and you have made a conscious decision to put your earthly citizenship as secondary to your heavenly one. If that is the case, if you have in fact made that decision, then you need to start putting our mutual kingdom first. We are ambassadors on this Earth, we have been given a guide on this earth in our hearts in the form of the Spirit of God who should direct us in the way we should go. That Spirit is the herald for our King, delivering His word to us when the word isn’t accessible. 

So before you follow anything else the government, your employer or your clergy says, think for a second and try everything to see if it is of the Spirit (1 Jn 4:1, 1 Thess 5:20), at least then you know what will be your next step and you will have our King behind you. We need to approach boldly to the people and when people ask what citizenship we have, we can say a kingdom not of this world. Our passport is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and our citizenship fee was paid by the King himself in His blood. 

We can tell all who hear, and believe me, the time is coming very soon when that will be your only defense. Our governments are turning against us, our employers are turning against us, our own denominations are turning against us, but the one that will never turn against us is our King. Stand up, be proud that your citizenship is transcendent from this world to our nation and kingdom, and always put that citizenship first. 

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