Current Events | Matthew West CANCELLED?!

Have you all seen the music video and/or heard the song Modest is Hottest, by Matthew West? As a father of a little girl, I think it’s a hilariously appropriate video. It honestly is a counter-culture view of the world and a treatise on how Christian ladies should act. See, and I want to put this in perspective for all of you, Christianity today is not in vogue anymore. True Christianity is much more of an afterthought in the mainstream, if not downright hated. Sure, you can say you’re a Christian, but if you act like one, you better watch out the wolves will get you!

Anyways, Matthew West put out a video talking about modesty with his daughters and I thought it was absolutely hilarious with a catchy tune. Others, however, were not amused. In today’s world it’s all about “empowerment”, who is going to be “empowered” by everyone else around them. As Christians, we shouldn’t look for empowerment, because “The Lord is [our] strength.” (Neh 8:10) Nevertheless the world will chime in to tell us how we act. 

“Pastor” Jeremy Coleman of a church in Oklahoma had this to say “We are telling our daughters and young women that their body image should be defined by someone else’s opinion. Women should feel confident, comfortable and free to dress and express themselves however they want.”

Well, “Pastor”, I have a verse for you. 2 Timothy 2:9-10 (CSB) tells Godly women to “Dress themselves in modest clothing, with decency and good sense, not with elaborate hairstyles, gold, pearls, or expensive apparel,but with good works, as is proper for women who profess to worship God.” First, so no one gets confused, it doesn’t say you can’t dress with nice hair, jewlery or expensive clothes, but that shouldn’t be your primary concern. Pastor, if you would look in your Bible once in a blue moon instead of looking for fame on Earth, you may realize that God expects women to be dressed appropriately. Nowhere in that passage did it talk about objectification or body image. God expects Christians (both men and women) to dress decently to represent him. 

Fortunately for men, many aren’t drawn naturally to wearing crop tops and booty shorts; however, impressionable young ladies are. We are to set ourselves apart from the world and that allows us to say “We must obey God rather than people”(Acts 5:29, CSB)

See, God doesn’t care about your body or what you look like. He only cares that you set yourself apart from the Earth so people may know you are an ambassador from Heaven. ANY Christian should be able to tell you that. If you’re more worried about what lost people are saying about the guidelines we were given from our Father in Heaven, over what He can do if you don’t follow them. I would examine yourself real quick. 

For a fitting ending in 2021, Matthew West decided to remove the video from his channel on YouTube. He decided that his career and income was more important than standing for what is right. 

 I will say this to finish this off. The world tries to interject in our faith. They think they know Christianity. They think they know our “rules”. They don’t know us, because they don’t know Him. I will pray for this pastor that he may come back to the truth he once knew, because had his name not had “pastor” in front of it, I wouldn’t have known he was one. Remember, Christ told us, “they hated me first”. Ladies, parents, make sure you and your daughters dress in a way that honors our God and shine your light through good works and the joy we have in our Savior. 

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