Meditations | A Faithful God

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You know what I really love about our Creator? We don’t have a contractual obligation to him. Romans 5 tells us some interesting things. For one, we are told that “Christ died for the ungodly”(V. 6), then in the next verse Paul looks at the mortal version of this. He says “For rarely will someone die for a just person” and “Perhaps for a good person someone may dare to die.” Paul’s musings here hearken back to my current apologetics series on Love, specifically the three types of mortal love. Man, righteous or unrighteous, saved or unsaved, is still and will always be selfish. We can’t shake it. We can put an honest effort to be selfless, but at the end of the day Man’s number one priority whether that is mind or body, is himself. 

See, even if Man wanted to die for someone in his mind, his body would show hesitation. Even Christ in His mortal body prayed to His Father in Heaven that He may take the cup from him, to possibly make another way; God knew there was no other way. The ultimate act of servitude is to put someone’s life above yours, especially one who you do not know. 

Paul tells us in verse 8 “But God shows his love for us, in that while we were sinners, Christ died for us”. We didn’t have a contractual obligation as God’s creation to do anything for Him to die. He wanted to have a relationship with us so badly that He estranged himself in order to break the curse of sin and show liberty to those who believe in Him. 

That’s what the Bible is about, God being faithful to His creation, in trying His hardest to get them back. He knows we won’t be faithful 100 percent of the time. He knows it’s impossible for us since we are fallible. James tells us “If we are faithless, He remains faithful, for he cannot deny himself.”

God had a plan since Adam first sinned, and that plan was to remain faithful to the human race until the time came for judgement. Up until that very last trumpet sounds, will He remain faithful. 

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