Meditations | Lessons from Proverbs, all you need to succeed is God.

Quick update: I was supposed to post this yesterday; however, I’ve been busy, so I wanted to get this out the door today, and then tomorrow will be our current events analysis. Now, back to the show.

Ever see those insane Facebook ads? The ones promising you 4 Audiobooks and 3 maps to living your life where you’ll succeed? It’s nothing new. Snake oil salesmen have been doing it for hundreds of years. I think this is extremely funny, though, considering how much people want to “succeed” so badly, they think they can just pay for it.

I’m being serious, actually. These “courses” are EXPENSIVE; not only are they expensive, but they also upsell you every single time. Time and time again, they charge you to “get to that next step.” This one, in particular, costs $2000 a course, and that is only for one of their courses! This guy isn’t trying to get you to succeed in the stock market, though, or in business. No, you can get sued for that. This guy is trying to get someone to succeed “in life.” I find this extremely laughable.

For hundreds of years, we’ve had a book in the western world that promises success in life. It’s given by a Divine creator. Yet, the bookshelves all across the Nation’s bookstores are so sad. The titles they provide are “Live your best life,” “How to find happiness,” or “How to make friends and influence people.” These are ridiculous, but it’s a multi-million dollar industry.

The saddest part? I guarantee that the Bible is sitting in a lot of the homes not touched.

As I said, this isn’t something new, though. A man regarded for his wisdom throughout the ancient world, Solomon wrote extensively about this, if a man should trust these people, and how a man should act. Let’s look at a couple!

Proverbs 16:20b tells us:

“The one who trusts in the Lord will be happy.”

This is highly relevant in today’s society and crazy Facebook ads as well. If we know that we have an omnipotent creator in heaven that takes care of the birds daily (!), we can rest in his spirit. We don’t need to drop $2000 on courses.

Humility, the fear of the Lord, results in wealth, honor, and life.

Proverbs 22:4, CSB

If this is all we need, humility and respect in the sight of our king for a prosperous life, then why are Christians buying these things? All the way back to Adam, humans have thought they could do things themselves. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The world is at such a place that people will go to anyone or do anything to have happiness and prosperity in their life, whether to emulate Instagram photos or simply “feel” happiness. They will pay for books, doctors, and prescriptions to get there. When in reality, it’s been in the most widely circulated and often free book this whole time. I often wonder how much more sin is compounded by selling something that allows people to participate in their sin and validate it.

Fear the Lord, humble yourselves before him, and keep your eyes on the cross. God will be gracious to take care of you too. If you keep your eyes on Christ, He can keep his eyes on everything else for you.

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