On Sin.

Featured today is one of my favorite promises of God. It’s both terrifying and re-assuring as well. There are three types of sin, Unintentional Sin, Chronic Sin, and Presumptuous Sin. These may overlap; however Unintentional Sin can never be a presumptuous sin. Although the descriptive adjectives describe the type of sin, we can go over them real quick before I get to the purpose of this verse.

Unintentional Sin- is as it sounds. It is doing an action that needs corrected, but it is out of innocence to the fact it is wrong.

Chronic Sin is a lifestyle choice that requires the person to constantly commit sin in order to maintain that certain lifestyle. However, this sin will not go unpunished, however our father in heaven is patient, merciful and kind and allows it to go on in hopes that we will “see the light” instead of having to be punished.

Presumptuous Sin is the most “serious” type of sin. All sin is equal under God’s eyes; however, this is urgent in the fact that a person has accomplished three things all at one time. One, the person knows what they will do is a sin and wrong. Two, the person decides to ignore the fact they are not to do it. Three, the consequences of the sin do not matter to them. It is, at its core an arrogant and flagrant attempt at performing a human act against the will of God.

So let’s get to this verse that I so love. Now everyone is really asking, “Why the heck would you like this verse.”, well for a couple of reasons. One, everyone sins, and each sin comes with a separate consequence. Two this verse is truly two fold. One, it’s a constant reminder in the back of your head that if you deliberately try to do evil, you will not be able to hold it in. Second, it holds true when you have been wronged as well from someone else. Sin has a mind of its own in a way. In Eastern thought they would call this “Karma”; there is a difference between Karma and sin’s consequence. The difference is, with the idea of Karma the “universe” is punishing you for your actions, but with sin, especially presumptuous ones, it will tell on you and the acceptable actions by the community around you will be the punishment allowed by God.

Sin itself is as deceitful as Satan, even more so in reality, it even deceived Satan to measure himself against God. Sin itself not only will allow you to temporarily remove yourself from God and fellowship with Him it will then be happy to see all the pain and suffering that comes with it.

Now that I’ve gone through all the “bad” stuff, let’s look at the good in all of this. If you have been wronged, or think someone may have wronged you, “be sure your sin will find you out”. You don’t have to worry, honestly sin is pretty reliable as well. It will affect them in the long run and it will affect you the same way. It is the great equalizer among humanity. Rich, Poor, Old, Toddler, Sick and Healthy, we “All have Sinned” (Rom. 3:23). It just might be in your best interest to try to get that sin forgiven instead of trying to hide it.

Remember, God knows everything, and “Your sin will find you out”.

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