4.5 What is Love // Intermission

We’ve gone over four posts so far overlooking the human ideas of love. I hope and pray I’ve been able to lay out each of these topics for you adequately. I wanted to do a cumulative exercise showing how they all fit together. As I was writing the posts, I realized that they each said what they needed to say; I don’t think they actually portrayed the proper idea and gravity of the situation in total. 

Therefore, I wanted to break in the halfway point between this series to get everyone’s ducks aligned, and to make sure we’re ready for the really good parts coming up. 

Love is all over the news, we think we have an idea of it, but in reality, we don’t know love from a divine standpoint. The divine is not compatible with the mortal, and the mortal is simply an echo of the perfection from which it was copied. We’ve tackled important topics to strengthen our understanding of why love is necessary, and that foundation I am hoping will allow you to stand firm on the hope that has been afforded to us (1 Peter 3:15). 

Man was created to honor God and to give Him respect, servitude, and love in its total capacity. Man, due to pride, fell out of grace with God’s love and rejected it. Therefore, man was only capable of loving in the three mortal ways: Eros- Sexual love or lust, Stage- Familial love, and Filos- Brotherly or Friendly love. Due to the depraved human mind, propped up by Pride and Sin, unable to understand the holy things by itself, the mind tries to equivocate Divine love with Human love.

Human love is further corrupted by the changing morals and attitudes of the mainstream. Society itself has bastardized love to the extent it is reduced to mere tolerance of evil. This same society has almost flipped the script on God’s perfect idea of creation and framework for nature. Through this corruption on a global scale of love, life, work, and family, Christians are being relegated to mere silenced opinions on the outcome of the trajectory of this world. Those who would speak against the injustice this perverted form of ‘love’ would contrive are beaten and silenced at a universal level to forward a religion of ‘tolerance’ for pretty much everything. 

Wrapping this into a nice bow, we see a dire situation, only produced by the fallibility of fallen man onto a perfect world created in synchronous harmony by a loving creator that wished to enjoy His creation. Pride, an infernal sin, has entered into every human by the mere nature placed in us. This pride has continued to reject God willingly except for divine intervention allowing the human heart to seek its creator again.

I hope that this synopsis and what I’ve laid out in the prior articles will be of use to you as you explain your peace and contentment in a manner sufficient for your loved ones. These simple topics could take hours of conversation, and I’m doing my best to whittle them down into small chunks that you may take with you. We must defend our faith at all costs. We know what is coming in the end, but our Lord never stopped His mission, and we can’t stop ours. We just need to know how to answer people.

Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.

Mark 16:15, CSB

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