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Christology 101-Jesus as the Eternal Word: Understanding the Logos

The Gospel according to John introduces us to a profound concept – Jesus Christ as the Word, or the ‘Logos’ (John 1:1). This term, ‘Logos,’ is deeply rooted in pre-Christian Greek philosophy, where it was understood as the divine principle of reason and order that gives form to the cosmos1. In John’s Gospel, however, the…

Weekly Thoughts | A Personal God

The God we worship is a personal god. Day in and day out, He reveals Himself to us through the infinite number of ways that we can meet Him. You see, God exists beyond time and space. When we read the Bible or pray, we are reading about the Infinite One who has already come…


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The Church Failed Its Mission

Hi, My name is Michael. I’m the resident apologist here. While I try not to be so abrupt most times, I feel it is in the best interest of everyone who reads this blog to understand the motive behind it

Over the past century and a half, the Church has backed down consistently from the most important arguments of its day. We have lost the culture war, and with it, we’ve had a lot of spiritual casualties. Men, women, and children could have been brought to know Christ, yet the church faltered.

Our Father always gives a way out without fail on this Earth. All hope is not lost, as this was prophesied since our savior was here; however, what I hope you find inside will be encouraging and give you the tools you need to help “quench the fiery darts of the wicked.” And to continue on in the increasingly dark days ahead for our faith.

Solus Christus,

Michael Pircio

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